Forming New Bell Ringing Team

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Men’s death I tell by doleful knell;
Lightning and thunder I break asunder;
On Sabbath all to church I call;
The sleepy head I rouse from bed;
The tempest’s rage I do assuage;
When cometh harm, I sound alarm.

02partsofabellCan anyone be a bell ringer?

Probably! Ringing is within the intellectual and physical reach of anyone who can ride a bicycle! If you can count, you know all the mathematics you need.

 You can become a very good ringer without knowing anything else about music. Some intense practice is required at the outset, and ringers practice once or twice a week. cartoons_0006

How you can help

St Faith’s Bell Ringing Team
We need to get our St Faith’s Team together and trained by the time the bells are re-hung. So we need at least 12 people for the 6 bells – to allow for other commitments etc.
We are hoping to start with a taster day in July at Peterchurch bell tower where you can get the feel of a real set of bells.
If you would like to try BELL RINGING give us your details via the contact form below