Bell Ringers

The bells have arrived back in Dorstone and our ringer are eagerly awaiting the chance to ring them.

If you would like to join us please contact Cathy Gethin

Dorstone bellringers-in-training have been learning the ropes since February. Undaunted by the elements, we spent two days at Hopton Heath training belfry followed by a month at Eardisley where the simulator allows the neighbours relief from our training efforts! We are now divided into small groups between four towers across the county, and are practising our rope and bell control.  There’s more to it than first meets the eye, and there’s also a fabulous community spirit out there amongst the bell ringing fraternity. We have been welcomed with open arms by tower captains and ringers everywhere.  Our project is quite famous locally and we can expect a many visiting ringers once our bells are operational.

Its never too late to join us and learn- we can add people to the group at any point. So don’t hold back!

If you would like to join that team please send your details on the contact form on New Bell ringers Page Click here