Re-ordering of the main building

Main Re-ordering

As the bells cannot be removed even for repair down the narrow spiral staircase to the tower, it is clear that all re-ordering within the building will have to follow the re-hanging and augmenting of the bells.  Only when this is completed can other work begin.

A modern kitchen and one or two toilets can be installed safely and easily in the tower base.  In conjunction with that, an enclosed meeting space at the west end (‘West End Room’) could be constructed which would be independently heated, with a folding glass and metal screen placed between it and the main part of the nave.  Above it would be an open gallery.   The organ chamber, vestry and the chancel would remain largely unchanged.

The vision for extending mission and worship would be given huge momentum once these facilities have been improved.  The process of fund raising itself encourages more involvement from villagers.

Architect’s impression of proposed re-ordering 2016


Ground plan showing kitchen, lavatories and meeting room