World War I & II Memorials

As you may have noticed, Dorstone does not have an outside war memorial.  Efforts have begun ready for 2018 to research the names of those who sadly died in WWI, and are named on the War Memorial plaque inside in the church (T. Beavan, C. H. Blainey, W. E. Dallow & R. Sillence).

Wooden Memorial donated to St Faith’s on the closure of Dorstone Methodist Chapel

World War II Wellington Bomber

On 29th April 1945, at approx. 14.30p.m., a Wellington aircraft of 105 O.T.U, Transport Command was on the third and final leg of a training flight, which had begun from their base at Nuneaton, Warwickshire.

The aircraft had taken off at 10:19am to fly to Nutts Corner (Belfast) and then to return to base.

Flying at about 10,000ft, on approaching Dorstone, the plane encountered a heavy, localised snow storm, causing the aircraft to go into a steep dive, which was partially recovered from, but caused the airframe to fail, resulting in the plane crashing onto high ground in Moccas Park, killing all six air crew.

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