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Committee January to December 2019

Chair           Cathy Nelson

Vice chair   Judy Brooks

Secretary    Lou Macintyre

Treasurer   John Platts

Emma Phillpotts, Toni Birchenough, Penny Platts, Sara Howared, Nigel Howard & Ken Goodwin

We feel that it is essential to help keep St. Faith’s functioning, not just because it is an old church building on an ancient site, but because, along with the castle mound, it is part of the historical heritage of Dorstone. Through many centuries, this place – if not this actual building – has been used for christenings, weddings and funerals and has been the centre of community worship and family life in the parish. It would be a tragedy if this long history came to an end on our watch.

However, the plan is that St. Faith’s will be not just be repaired, but gain new facilities for the future. It seems the perfect time to consider improving the amenities to make the church a comfortable place, which is efficient to heat and light, suitable for modern community needs as well as church services. We hope that our efforts will help St Faith’s to grow into a thriving centre, which will complement the other facilities in the village, and be suitable for larger concerts, free standing exhibitions, performances and other appropriate events.

We need to raise money, but that doesn’t stop us having fun out of it!

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